sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2011

MAGNUM OPUS - Alchemist's guide to make Gold

This is an academic project i just made: I represented an instructional manual to learn how to make gold, based only on the several old processes of  The Alchemy, and the Philosopher's stone. Was a very long work, because it's not easy to understand ancient documents. Alchemist used very difficult codes with key words and metaphorical language, including symbols as well, in order to make this kind of processes unkown and mysterious. Well, after all the reading stuff, i had to decide wich style i was gonna use. Then, i based the design line and Illustrations on 50's to 70's Ads, and Voilà!  

This Manual is divided in two main parts: The Process to make the Philishoper's Stone and The Process to make Gold. Enjoy it! :)

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