domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

KILLSHAKEL RIPSAW - Spawn Fleshless [Promo Illustration]

Wow! This is one of the things i love of my entire job: Infinite Possibilities and ways to make things. I always say: I hate to watch Gore Movies, but i love to Illustrate and draw Gore. I mean: Guts, Intestines, Crazy Eyes, Rotten Flesh, Blood everywhere. It's kinda funny to draw those kinds of elements and incorporate them in an Illustration. Well, my kids in Killshakel Ripsaw contact me to illustrate their next single cover 'Spawn Fleshless' (You can listen to it in their link). The main idea was proposed by their vocalist Jonnathan. Apocalyptic, Horrifying, Raw and Direct: Genuine Pornogore Illustration!
 Here is the result: Enjoy it!

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