jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

The Damn Show of Raphus - Le Corruption (2D Animation)

I decided to call this first animation, and in fact, the whole project: THE DAMN SHOW OF RAPHUS. This is the first Raphus Animation. Was totally insane to start in the Animation Field, because it's a world full of possibilities. I loved it. Here we have our friend Raphus, talking about Corruption (It's in Spanish) but basically he says that "Corruption is an unfair game played by loyal Mother Fuckers". The voice behind Raphus, that one you're gonna listen to, it's mine. I was so Inspired in John K's and Stephen Hillenburg's finest to do this work.

This is the The Damn Raphus Show Openning header:

So i hope you like and share it. I'm not quite sure if i would start an animated serie of Raphus, would be interesting, but there are many upcoming projects on the road. If i start something will be totally in English, and would have all the satiric Raphus' humor. Enjoy and read my previous posts about Raphus to know some more about him!

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