jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

The Damn Show of Raphus - Le Corruption (Stop Motion Version)

This is my first Stop Motion vid. We have one more time here, my friend Raphus, with his same opinion about "Corruption" but with a little bit intervention in it (Or Interruption?) I wanted to focused it in other ambient and space.

Obviously, for this special work, i made an Stop Motion Raphus doll. All the scenography was made by Camilo Ochoa. Here are some pics:

Special thanks to my wonderful Stop Motion partners: Fabian Beninati, the guy who animated the whole thing; Camilo Ochoa, he made the beautiful Set and Scenography and Andrés Pelaez who was the Photography Director. Also thanks to Diego Sánchez Puerta, my Animation Teacher, and Carlos Ramírez for ALL the patience and helpful guide. And thanks to YOU for watching this.

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