miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

Illustration - Cityvision Magazine 5 (Italy)

For me, was a real great pleasure to be part of this project. Francesco Lipari, run an architecture practice called OFL architecture and an independent architecture magazine called The Cityvision Magazine in Italy. He contacted me long time ago, just to be part of his Fifth Magazine Issue. Interested on the World Fair 2045 posters serie, he was really excited to see part of my work featured in one of the articles of the magazine.

The theme: Imagine the city of New York as all its historical planes collapse, one on top of the other, (from 1609 to 2012) altering the natural ecosystem and the identity of the city itself and producing a hyperspace where acceleration and simultaneity are the main phenomena of space and time.

Here's my interpretation:

An extra version, just part of the proccess. 

You can see the City Vision Magazine issue, featuring my work here (Page 36):

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