miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

RAPHUS - Character Design [No 1]

Hey! How it's going?
I will introduce you a character that i have been developed this year. His name is: RAPHUSHe is a Dodo, from Mauritius. He is a 40 years old Dodo and the last survivor of his specie. He's a crazy dude, living in New York, and helps people with their problems, inside his Job. Probably i wont do an animated Serie of it, but I love to draw, since i was a kid, and make many Illustration and design styles. So, here is one of the styles i use frequently, inspired in Toonist like John K, Stephen Hillenburg and others.

Well this Character came out from my Animation Class, and he has passed through many many evolutions (In other entry i will show you the character processes and this evolution) And i did a couple of animation Lines of him, that will be shown later too.

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