miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

RAPHUS - The Character Evolution

The project started with a main idea: Create a random character and develop it. At the very first time, the character was so close to the original main image of a Dodo: The character needed to be more developed, and for this, it suffered important changes in its structure. It has to be related with its Character Profile too. An old fuck bearing an unfair society.

Then, Raphus started a significant change: Be more like a person and separate a little bit the cliché Dodo from it. I decided to put him arms and two long legs as a human. Obviously preserving Dodo's original elements.

 I wasn't pleased yet and I was wondering what more would be interesting for the character. After many sketches and stuff this was the nearest idea to the last Raphus, in this sketch i compare two kinds of Raphus: One original Dodo, and the Human Raphus.

Raphus taking more shape, with new human legs. It needed some more, anyway.

So this was the main idea; A Blue naked human with a Dodo Face. But, i thought it needed a bizarre element. I love bizarre shit. So a was like: "And what if Raphus would have Hairy human legs?" Would be funny...And Weird. So i gave him a pair of beautiful hairy legs. Raphus was complete.



I'll be posting two animation of Raphus: One Stop Motion, and one 2D Animation with a short explanation of each one.

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